Worm Control

WEC tests (bulk or indiviual)
Drench check tests
Drench resistance testing
Integrated worm control programs

Animal Disease Investigations 

Investigate causes of mortality and disease on farms, followed up with advice for treatment and prevention


Provide S4 (prescription) drugs for pain relief at lamb marking, husbandry procedures and sedation for ram shearing

Farm Consultancy 

Services and advice to improve animal health and production performance

Veterinary Procedures 

Ram vasectomies for preparation of teasers

Project Work 

Skills in collection of samples and data for research projects

What our clients say

As an ethical prime lamb producer, the health and welfare or our stock is paramount. Monica has been invaluable to our business, ensuring best possible practice. She is extremely knowledgeable, relevant and up to date in all areas of sheep husbandry. 

Most valuable is Monica's prompt and efficient response (either phone or email) to any issues/queries, along with her approachable and encouraging nature. 

Also, given she is a qualified Veterinarian, I can be assured that the advice is well researched and evidence based. 

Suzanne Lewis (Werneth)

0437 941 774


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